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What is today euphemistically referred to as "Health Insurance" is really no more than Disease Management Plans. One can usually benefit from the high premiums if unfortunately the victim of an acute disease, illness, or accident or at the "point of no return". You may also benefit from that type of plan if you become dependent on various drugs for relief from the symptoms of chronic disease, conditions of pain and inflammation. In keeping with the spirit of Sankofa by gaining wisdom from the past, the Tree of Life Health Assurance Plan focuses on helping you to attain and maintain health. Doctors of the past were health educators, spiritual advisors, and emotional support systems.  Sankofa continues in this tradition by offering you the opportunity to truly invest in making a commitment to health and not merely waiting to be a victim for the conventional health insurance paradigm. The Health Assurance Plan is designed to complement the traditional disease focused Health Insurance Plans.  Enroll today in the Tree of Life Health Assurance Plan and start taking full advantage today of the benefits which include:

·        Assistance with Natural Cleansing/Detox, Rejuvenation & Maintenance Program

·        24/7 on call support during detoxification period

·        Access to Wellness Center Fitness Room (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm)

·        Private Lifestyle Coaching & Relaxation Exercise Training

·        Monthly Update Consultations

·        Follow-Up Biological Assessments Reports

(Testing Fee is additional)

·        Suspension of Plan charges during periods of Certified Disability incurred while under plan coverage

·        Family Discounts for additional family members on plan *

3Months                                                      $149 ($25*)

6 Months                                                     $249 ($50*)

9 Months                                                     $374 ($75*)

1 Year                                                         $495 ($100*)

3 Years                                                        $1295 ($150*)

5 Years                                                        $1995 ($200*)


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The information provided by Sankofa Healing and Enrichment is in no way intended to diagnose or take the place of medical advice. All services, programs, retreats, products and information offered by Sankofa are intended to assist persons in their quest to attain and maintain holistic wellness by improving lifestyle choices and are not to be perceived as a treatment or cure to any particular disease. Please consult your medical physician about the advisability of continuing on any program if you have been experiencing health difficulties.