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You deserve to be seen, heard, honored and supported.

We believe  You were Divinely Designed to Heal Completely 

Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul

Do you wonder where you can find the support and guidance you need to make the changes that will transform your health?

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We believe in teaching you how to resolve your most pressing chronic health challenges.

Talk to a Holistic Healing Advisor. Learn how Sankofa can help you.

We hear YOU... We see You... because YOU matter.

Now you can finally get the CARE and guidance you deserve with our Online and In-Person Mentorship programs.  We provide Customized, Accessible, Resources and Education (CARE) to those who care,  Our Doctor Makes House Calls and Home Visits!!  Her personal mission is to help people break free from the shackles of disease and a medical system that feeds off their vulnerability.  She will guide you through the transformation of becoming victorious after countless years of being made to feel like a victim.  


We Believe you can Break Free from Chronic Illness,

and Heal Yourself  

We would love to hear your story, explore ways that Sankofa may assist you, and provide you with A Customized Holistic Healing Plan, continued guidance, practical strategies and tools, and loving support to empower yourself in your journey to restore your health naturally- body, mind, heart, and soul!

Dr. Michelle Gamble DN
Integrative Wellness Mentor
Founder, Managing Director
Message from Dr Michelle

We believe in providing Natural Health CARE that Embraces Spirit and Integrates Science

Sankofa Healing and Enrichment goes beyond a traditional doctor - For people who suffer with chronic illness, we are the leader in Natural Health C.A.R.E that empowers our clients to heal themselves body, mind, heart, and soul.  Unlike other healthcare providers we focus on YOU, not your disease or diagnostic label. 
Our PROVEN process enables you to heal completely -body, mind, heart and soul, not simply manage symptoms with supplements, medications, and “feel good” therapies. We go a level deeper by assessing your health risk factors, identifying root causes of chronic illness, and creating a plan for your physical. mental, and emotional health, that includes sleep, nutrition, fitness, herbs, natural therapies and supplements.
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We get to know you as a person.

When it comes to chronic illness, our clients hire us for resources, guidance and support to heal.  We help people with chronic illness to discover the path to empowerment and bring forth their inner god/goddess to heal themselves body, mind, heart, and soul. 


As a result of working with Sankofa, they break free from pain and suffering, finally able to live their lives with protection, passion, purpose, promise, and peace. 


When I met Dr. Gamble, I was having trouble sleeping. I would wake up several times during the night drenched in sweat. Also, I was fatigued all the time. After doing a complete Lifestyle Analysis, including blood work my physician never suggested, it was concluded that I only needed to make some changes in diet and add some nutritional supplements that my body lacked.


Today, I am resting better. I do not take hormones or any other prescription medications. I sleep all night without sweats. Overall, I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am so glad I met Dr. Gamble. She has truly empowered me to regain control of my health and well being.


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When you register for the course, you will receive training videos on Why People Don't Heal and how YOU can.  In the next couple of days you will also receive our Special Report on Integrative Natural Health C.A.R.E. and our e-book Blood Nutrition: Using the Secrets in Your Lab work to Customize your Nutrition Plan.

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