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We know you are sick and tired of being sick and tired for months or even years.

Ready to be free from suffering after countless doctors and bag of pills - drugs & supplements.

Through Customized, Accessible Resources and Education we provide ROOT   CAUSE  RESOLUTION of Dis-Ease not simply symptom management.


We Integrate Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom using the foundational A,B. C's of Health.

Assessments -Functional Lab Testing, Comprehensive Symptoms Questionnaires, Thorough History

Building Holistic Health Protocols - Food, Herbs, Supplements, Natural Therapies

Cleansing Programs- Physical/Mental/Emotional Toxin Identification and Clearance

Now you can finally get the support and guidance you deserve with our Online and In-Person Mentorship programs.  Our Doctor Makes House Calls and Home Visits!!

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I would love to hear your story, explore ways that I may support you, and provide you with  A Holistic Plan to

Guide you in your journey to reclaim your health naturally- body, mind , heart, and soul!

Enroll in our FREE Online Natural Health C.A.R.E.*

3-Day Mini-Course


When you register for the course, you will receive our Special Report on Natural Health C.A.R.E.*  During the 3-Days, you will be able to view our Why People Don't Heal But YOU can Workshops.  You will also receive our ebook Blood Nutrition: Using the Secrets in Your Labwork to Customize your Nutrition Plan. 


You will learn:

  • Why you continue to suffer from a chronic illness in spite of years of effort

  • The Dangers of Conventional Diagnoses

  • What key elements are needed in a Healthcare plan to aid you in your healing journey.

  • How to create a holistic healing plan that will help you to finally heal

  • What key basic lab tests are needed to understand the root causes of your dis-ease

  • Why your doctor says there is nothing wrong in your labs even though you do not feel well

*Customized Accessible Resources and Education