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Have you ever found it difficult to decide which nutritional supplements you should be taking? 
Considering all the array of products out there, the decision can be daunting.  
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask your body what it preferred and be taking only those products that your body says is best for you?  

Remove the Guessing and Know Exactly What Your Body’s Nutritional Needs are?

Get a Whole Body Scan

BioSurvey of all your body systems


How Does It Work? 

With the power of GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) and Decision Technology.


This new, cutting-edge technology facilitates Bio-Communication by allowing a conversation to take place directly between a computer and a human body. The process is called a bio-survey. When you place your hand on the Hand Cradle, the software asks your body questions about your nutritional needs and ranks their responses.  All this happens at the unconscious level.  Armed with this new information you feel more positive about your choice of supplements.


A Flexible Tool for You Complex Needs.


It is robust, comprehensive, and flexible and using a biosurvey process, provides you with health information much like an extended health history.  It provides quick and manageable assessments of all your body system, cardiovascular, immune, skeletal, digestive, etc. in a mere 5 minutes that includes vitamins, minerals, herbals, and homeopathics.  Your health consultant will take a brief written confidential health history and conduct the biosurvey.  Using both tools, can provide you with an extremely accurate assessment of your body needs. 

There are eight different types of scan reports available (Click on links to see sample reports):


Are the Results Accurate?


Yes. Trained Practitioners have performed tens of thousands of assessments worldwide. Practitioners have also used other modalities to evaluate the results of their software with great results. Recently, a hospital study was conducted that showed a 95.2% correlation between the results of the BioSurvey technology and recommendations of the doctor.


Don’t miss this opportunity to get your confidential Whole Body Scan.  Ask how you can host a Healing Party and invite all your family and friends to receive a free scan also. The number of scans that can be done in the allotted time is limited so please call me to reserve your scan opportunity.   Because we want to make sure everyone present has an opportunity to get a Free scan,  a lengthy health assessment will require a private appointment at a later time.



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