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People During Workshop
Prevention and Wellness Open House

Transform your community with Food for the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.  We will help you host an open house at no charge to you.  We will provide: FREE Metabolic Assessments, FREE Mineral Testing, FREE Natural Health Consultation, and a FREE Holistic Health Empowerment Workshop on a topic of your choice

REQUEST a Sankofa Community Empowerment Workshop for YOUR Community

FREE Online Webinars

No need to worry about trying to rush to an event location.  No matter where you are in the world, we bring Sankofa's Healing and Enrichment to YOU.  Join us for these interactive live webinars.  If you forget - no problem.  If you register for the event in advance, we will send you an email with a link to the recording of the session and any supplemental materials such as guides and hand-outs that were used.


FREE Live Community Events

Meet Dr. Gamble in person.  Join her live at an event in the community.  She speaks on a number of topics related to health and well being.  Topics in the past have included: Power over Diabetes, Natural Solutions to Hormonal Imbalances, ADD/ADHD: A Blessing not a Curse, Why People Don't Heal, but You Can, and much more.  Be sure to view our Video Library.  When you attend a Live Presentation, you will also be able to get many additional educational resources.  Be sure to register for upcoming events through our Online Calendar.


Group Lecture
Intensives - Transformational Group Programs

Endless Love

  • February - Community Awareness Campaign

  • March - May -  Program in Session

Holistic Seasonal Cleanse

  • May - Community Awareness Campaign

  • June -  Program in Session

Heartfully Intelligent Kids

  • July - Community Awareness Campaign

  • August - October -  Program in Session

Revitalize You

  • September - Community Awareness Campaign

  • October - November -  Program in Session


  • November - Community Awareness Campaign

  • December -  Program in Session

Transform YOUR community with Inspiring Messages and Tools for Healing 


Do you ave family and friends that are struggling with the pain and fatigue of battling a chronic illness?  Are you looking for a way to build a "sanctuary" that can serve as a safe place for like minded people to support one another and learn more about ways to empower themselves to take charge of their health?

Dr. Gamble travels to communities all over the world to create and support healing communities.  She would love to facilitate a small group workshop for your community group, family and/or friends.

Learn how to heal yourself with free life hacks for the body, mind, heart and soul. Get food tips, health optimizing wisdom, research-based strategies for relief from chronic illness, emotional healing insights, energy boosters, and more! Get special invitations to our free live community events and online empowerment webinars.

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