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You deserve to celebrate your many successful transformations along the healing path.


Image by Ralf Skirr


Good Morning Sister,

I taped one of our meditation sessions. That tape has been on my desk collecting dust. This morning as I was preparing for my meditation, I picked it up, wondering "What in the world is this?' I went straight to the box and flipped it in. It was our session on "Humility!" Oh, we had a wonderful discussion!! Looking back, I believe it was our best one. It was just what I needed this morning to "Make my day" (4 months later). Thanks for sharing your wonderful spirit!"

Image by Ralf Skirr


When I met Dr. Gamble, I was having trouble sleeping. I would wake up several times during the night drenched in sweat. Also, I was fatigued all the time. 


Today, I am resting better. I do not take hormones or any other prescription medications. I sleep all night without sweats. Overall, I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.


I am so glad I met Dr. Gamble. She has truly empowered me to regain control of my health and well being.

Image by Ralf Skirr


Upon release from the hospital we went immediately to Sankofa. Supplements, juicing, rest and relaxation were just a few of the suggestions used by Dr. Gamble to help my son begin to feel better.


I thank God for leading me to Sankofa and Dr. Gamble. No medicines were recommended. I was instructed on use of wholesome foods, supplements, prayer,  and faith.


I'd recommend this center to ANYONE with health problems of any kind.

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