Sankofa's Holistic Approach to Health 


Contrary to popular belief, health is not merely the absence of "disease". Perfect health is akin to "holiness". Only by being in complete physical, emotional, and, spiritual harmony with one's internal and external environments can this goal become a living reality.


If you are ready to find out what your regular blood tests reveal about your health, possible mineral status and the functions of your body systems then you’ll have to read your labs between the lines. 

Discover hidden reasons for low iron, inflammation, low stomach acid and many other secret messages in your regular labs. Compare your results to evidence based OPTIMAL levels rather than just the lab’s NORMAL levels. If you are already working with a doctor and want to find out what a functional analysis of your results can reveal reserve your sessions now. 

We provide a holistic approach to health that incorporates the foundational components of DETOXIFICATION, REJUVENATION, and MAINTENANCE. By integrating all three components in a cyclical nature, you too can become empowered to break out of your pattern of dis-ease.


This program assists students on the path to wellness which consists of three basic challenges: detoxification, rejuvenation, and maintenance of a health promoting, modified lifestyle. Failure in any of these areas compromises a person's ability to heal and become whole, "holy". . Classes are taught by a board certified doctor of natural health with over 15 years of experience.  For an additional fee, students can receive personal wellness coaching and comprehensive metabolic analysis including blood chemistry, urine and saliva analysis.  

Do You Suffer From

  • Fatigue/Chronic llness

  • Insomnia/Body Odor

  • Yeast/Fungus/Allergies

  • Heartburn/Indigestion/Bloating

  • Painful Joints

  • Memory Loss

  • Mood Swings Constipation

  • Poor Concentration

  • Menstrual Disorders

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Low Sex Drive

  • Weight Imbalance

  • Craving for Salts/Sweets

  • Skin Problems/Bloating

  • Sore Muscles




You Learn How To . . .

  • Identify & Correct Unhealthy Lab Markers

  • Choose & Maintain Correct Food Habits

  • Develop & Live a LifeStyle not a Diet

  • Burn Fat Not Muscle

  • Naturally Balance Your Body/Mind/Heart/Soul

  • Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

  • Identify & Correct Food Allergies

  • Correct Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Make the "20/80 Flip" *Flip to 80% good food habits

You become knowledgeable & confident about how stay Healthy

You Experience . . .

  • Amazing Increase in Energy

  • Enhanced Mental State

  • Improve Hormonal Balance

  • Abdominal Fat & Inches Lost

  • Noticeable Visible Changes in Skin Health

  • Normalization of Blood Sugar

  • More Energy to care for Loved ones

  • Complements From Associates

  • Feel more emotional balance and happiness

  • A Bounce Back in Your Step

  • Reduced Stress due to Improved Health


You Feel Better Than You Have For Years

You Become Empowered To .. .

  • Maintain Healthy Food Habits

  • Not Compromise your Healthy LifeStyle

  • Stop giving in to Food Cravings

  • Maintain Weight Loss for Life - and
    Stop the Yo-Yo effect

  • Maintain the "20/80 Flip"

  • Be Free of Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Be Free of Food Intolerance & Sensitivities

  • Promote Prevention & Wellness to loved ones

  • Live Free of Lifestyle Induced Medication


You Are Now In Control of Your Health

Learn How this program can help YOU Transform Your Life. 
We will help you select a program option that best meets your needs.