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Jumpstart Your Health - TODAY!

Contrary to popular belief, health is not merely the absence of "disease". Perfect health is akin to "holiness". Only by being in complete physical, emotional, and, spiritual harmony with one's internal and external environments can this goal become a living reality.


If you are ready to find out what your regular blood tests reveal about your health, possible mineral status and the functions of your body systems then you’ll have to read your labs between the lines. 

Discover hidden reasons for low iron, inflammation, low stomach acid and many other secret messages in your regular labs. Compare your results to evidence based OPTIMAL levels rather than just the lab’s NORMAL levels. If you are already working with a doctor and want to find out what a functional analysis of your results can reveal reserve your sessions now. 

We provide a holistic approach to health that incorporates the foundational components of DETOXIFICATION, REJUVENATION, and MAINTENANCE. By integrating all three components in a cyclical nature, you too can become empowered to break out of your pattern of dis-ease.


This program is designed for the "Do-It-Yourself-er", who just needs a little help with getting a "Map" and Being Pointed in the "Right Direction with a "Toolkit".  Our motto is: "Have it Your Way!"  You determine the level of support you need or do not need in choosing your ideal "Heal Thyself" program. 

Suffering From

Fatigue/Chronic llness

Insomnia/Body Odor Yeast/Fungus/Allergies


Painful Joints

Memory Loss

Mood Swings Constipation

Poor Concentration

Menstrual Disorders

Hormonal Imbalance

Low Sex Drive

Weight Imbalance

Craving for Salts/Sweets

Skin Problems/Bloating

Sore Muscles

Sankofa's Holistic Approach to Health

Learn how to heal yourself with our proven signature 5 step program

View the Video below to learn about Blood Nutrition

Personal CASE REVIEW with Dr. Gamble


Lab Review and Integration

(Lab Testing Optional -Additional Cost)


90 – Minute Report of Findings Consultation

  • Detailed Functional Blood Chemistry Report (sample report) showing:

    • The most important vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking and possible causes 

    • Your most important likely current health imbalances and future testing

    • Your B vitamin status and how it may be affecting red blood cell formation and oxygenation in your body

    • What the percentages of white blood cells mean and what they may be fighting against

    • Hidden signs of inflammation and malabsorption

30 Day Access to Wellness App

  • Targeted Daily Meal Plan

  • Easy, Practical Recipes

  • Health Tracker

  • Weekly Shopping List 

  • 30 Day Access to Coaching via Text ​

  • 30 Day Access to Weekly Open Office Support Calls

  • Comprehensive 30+ Page Personalized Wellness Plan


5 - 45 min Private Mentoring Sessions


25 min Preliminary Consultation to determine the Bests Test to give results you can use in creating a customized Wellness program that will meet your individual needs and lead to success. (New Clients Only)


30 Minute Success Planning Strategy Session


30 Transition Success Strategy Session



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