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Contrary to popular thought, changing one's attitude, patterns of behavior, and emotional conditioned responses is not simply a matter of "positive thinking" or a matter of the strength of one's will.  
The will is a function of one's mental ability and must be merged with the power of the heart, under the wisdom of the soul, in order for a true change to occur.
When the emotions (heart) is in sync with the body, mind, and soul, the miracle of healing can occur.  This is when we become released from emotional anchors and trauma.  More importantly, this is when we are able to become true to our divine selves and sing the song we were born to share with the world.  
We all come into this world with a plan to bring forth the fruit of our divine spirit. The challenges of life are meant to act as a catalyst to "inspire" us to dig deep to rediscover this truth. Unfortunately, many of us become trapped by the very conditions that were meant to release our divinity - we have temporarily - lost our minds and forgotten our true identity.  This focused and practical program  combines personal and group coaching and a detailed practice plan to help you rediscover your heartsong.

What you will learn:
  • To understand the relationship between the breath and emotions, trauma, stress, disease, and healing.
  • To recognize depleting emotional patterns and attitudes while unearthing the false belief systems that lie at their root.
  • To increase resilience, vitality and feel better more often.
  • To achieve the ability to shift to renewing emotions in difficult situations.
  • To become skilled at the using the transformative Therapeutic Harmonics in the Heartsong System - based on the combined wisdom of ancient traditions.  
  • To integrate the use of essential oils, harmonics, and colors to attain and maintain coherence of the body, mind, heart, and soul using the Blueprint of the Heart and Soul.

In today's western society, we tend to think of health and wellness in purely physical terms. In reality however, the evolution of disease and thus the key to true healing begins with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person.  This program explores the world of meditation by incorporating the healing practices of cultures from five different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America). 


During this retreat, we will journey together through the Fruit of the Spirit: Humility, Gentleness, Joy, Goodness, Temperance, Love, Patience, Faith, and Peace. We will learn how to release emotional, mental and spiritual anchors that prevent us from actualizing the deep sense of healing we seek. We will journey along the path that will enable us to attain and maintain mental and emotional wellness.

Key Components of the Fruit of the Spirit Meditational Journey Include:

  • 10 Meditation Workshops

  • Comprehensive, Integrated Natural Approach

  • Experienced Health and Wellness Professional

  • Practical, Easy to Apply, Relevant Information

  • Customized Workbook

  • Optional Continued Support and Resources




Listen to the Different Harmonics Below - Download the Entire Album for $9.99

"There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling.

It's why you were born...And how you become most truly alive." 

Oprah Winfrey

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