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Heartfully Intelligent Kids is Sankofa's 12-week program for parents/guardians of children with mental/emotional/physical dysregulation.  This family focused program is based upon 5 “Heart Hacks” that are designed to focus on strengths, and eliminate the root causes of impaired mental, emotional, physical incoherence. Incoherence is reflected in the inability to self-regulate mentally, emotionally, and physically, resulting in symptoms associated with chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, and other conditions.

Heartfully Intelligent Kids(HIK) is an evidence based, results-oriented program designed to promote mental, emotional, physical balance within the lives of children. We will work with you throughout the entire transformation process.
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The Sankofa Heartfully Intelligent Kids program lasts 3 months; every week you will have access to participate in Dr. Gamble's 90 minute HIK Village Mentoring Call to provide you with more information and coaching support to help make you self-sufficient in healing your child.


The intention is to educate your family so you better understand how to become happy, healthy and successful and if possible drug free.


We want you to understand your health so you can make informed decisions regarding your own future without needing anyone’s help. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to have two monthly one on one coaching sessions to address the specific needs of your child.  

You may communicate via email with Dr. Gamble at any time during the 3 months. The Sankofa HIK Platinum Program includes a Case Review, and access to The VIP Intensive Heal Your Child Now Weekend.  A comprehensive report of findings with supplement suggestions and dietary plan will be provided during the in depth 90 minute session with Dr. Michelle Gamble,DN. 

Happy Kids

​ YOU will learn how to:

  • Use Heart Math techniques and technology to transform stress & increase resilience

  • Identify Physical root causes for your symptoms

  • Get access to Metabolic Assessments to identify possible nutrient deficiencies in your child

  • Select and obtain Lab tests for those symptoms

  • Learn how to determine and choose Orthomolecular (Right - Nutrient) Therapy.

  • Prepare Great tasting healthy foods and recipes.

  • Adopt Success principals for all ages 0 to 99.

  • Advocate for Right-brained solutions for left-brained schools.

  • Shop for supplements and read a label.

  • Understand why your conventional doctor is nutritionally illiterate and how to educate him/her.

  • Know why you need supplements even if you’re vegetarian.

  • Obtain Documents to protect you from inoculations and forced medicating.

  • Protect your child from The dangers of Teenscreen in schools or the workplace.

  • Discern Psychiatry’s DSM-V manual exposed!

  • Get access success coaching for parents.

  • Look up medications that deplete RDA nutrients.

  • Learn how to Identify and decrease mental, emotional, physical, spiritual triggers

  • Learn how to Protect Your Parental Rights and Your Child's Health Freedoms.

  • Get access to functional labs and learn how to make preliminary analysis of results

  • Learn how to help your child activate his/her 12 Super Powers to build mental, emotional, spiritual resilience to be able to self regulate.

Money Back Guarantee:
If you pass your
initial hair analysis lab test
100% by being in the green
for all toxic metals
and nutrient depletion,
we’ll refund the cost of the lab test.

Learn About the 5 Heart Hacks

In the Classroom


Recognize Heart Intelligence!


“Heartfully Intelligent Kids” is a positive approach to establishing self-esteem and personal development through success techniques. 

We know that our children are a blessing not a curse. 

We realize that their symptoms are part of the body's alarm system to know that there is an underlying imbalance. 

Soccer Practice


Identify and Decrease Triggers


Many ordinary foods and environmental toxins may impair one’s ability to regulate behavior and compromise mental and physical functioning.  

Identifying and eliminating these stressors may reduce the symptoms of Autism, ADD/ADHD, and mood disorders. 

Little Boy Standing Portrait


Optimize Movement



According to BrainGym research, water and movement help connect the creative and memory sides of your brain and may improve schoolwork.


  Additionally, proper nutrition can resolve many of the underlying causes of the symptoms associated with impaired self-regulation.

Kids in Art Class


Increase Coherence


Heart Math techniques and technologies have been scientifically shown to improve psychophysiological coherence and thus may assist in the process of entraining self-regulation and improving cognitive functioning. 

Blood sample with diabetes test results.


Complete Laboratory Testing


Why would any responsible doctor make a diagnosis without laboratory testing? Why would any doctor prescribe medication without determining the actual cause of the symptoms?

What doctor would identify cancer or diabetes and prescribe medications based only on visual evaluation? Do you need a more in-depth diagnosis with a lab test?  We encourage you to Investigate before you Medicate.

Learn How this program can help YOU Transform Your Life. 
We will help you select a program option that best meets your needs.

This 30 Day Transformation Program Includes

During this 30 Day journey, you will be provided with simple, practical tools and techniques to reduce your stress, increase your vitality and improve your health and well-being.  This focused and practical program  combines personal and group coaching and a detailed practice plan to meet your  personal objectives.  We will journey along the path that will enable us to attain and maintain mental and emotional wellness.

Key Components of the Revitalize You Journey Include:

  • 5 LIVE Entrainment Workshops or Private sessions

  • 24/7 Online Student Support Portal

  • Kids Oil Collection

  • Lifetime Course access

  • 30 Day Access to Bi-Weekly Group Sessions

  • 30 Day Access to Virtual Office Hours with Dr Gamble

  • Comprehensive, Integrated Natural Approach

  • Experienced Health and Wellness Professional

  • Practical, Easy to Apply, Relevant Information

  • Customized Workbook

  • Optional Continued Support and Resources

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