For almost twenty years, we have been using a proprietary process called Sankofa’s Heal Thyself System that helps clients, who suffer with chronic illness, heal themselves.

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The Sankofa Journey


Give us the full picture.

Complete your Sankofa Health profile by answering questions about your medical history and current symptoms. We ask, listen, look, and track results to investigate and improve your health over time.

We look at the following areas:

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle choices

  • Exercise habits

  • Medical history

  • Genetic profile

  • Mental health


Our Root Cause Doctor is a Health Detective who investigates beyond symptoms

For people who suffer with chronic illness, we are the leader in Natural Health C.A.R.E that empowers our clients to heal themselves.  Unlike other healthcare providers we focus on YOU, not your disease or diagnostic label.  Our PROVEN process enables you to heal completely -body, mind, heart and soul, not simply manage symptoms with supplements, medications, and “feel good” therapies.

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Our Costs Are Transparent

We keep it simple and stress-free for our clients. Clear up-front membership costs and no copays.
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Offering the Best Care

Our doctor is trained in naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and advanced biomarker testing.

Unlimited Access 24/7

You can connect with your doctor and information anytime through our secure member dashboard.

Your personalized Sankofa Health plan.

As a result of working with Sankofa, our clients break free from pain and suffering, finally able to live their lives with protection, passion, purpose, promise, and peace.


When it comes to chronic illness, our clients hire us for resources, guidance and support to heal

Our clients get tools, guidance and the support they need to activate and cultivate their divine essence with the power to heal themselves. 


Our doctor is an expert in teaching you how to resolve your most pressing chronic health challenges.

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What should prople expect in a preliminary consultation with you and the staff at Sankofa? How long is the sessions, and what is the cost?

The first thing we do during a preliminary consultation is get to know you, find out what is challenging you right now, discuss some of your symptoms. We'll review your current difficulties and the different things that you've tried. Most people who come to Sankofa have been through several different practitioners and I like to know a little bit more about your journey and your goals. Then if we think we can help you, we give you a rough outline of how we can assist you, and if we feel one of our colleages will be a better fit, we refer you to them. Most of my clients have been dealing with chronic issues for a long time so we're not looking at a quick fix. We more than likely we're looking at something that's going to take at least three to six months and for some people maybe even as long as a year because the the root causes are so deeply ingrained in their persons.

The preliminary consultation can be done by phone or online video and usually lasts about 25 minutes and costs $50. If you work with Sankofa, that $50 is applied to your program cost.

And at the very least, even if you decide not to work with Sankofa, my hope is that you will gain insights during your preliminary consultation that will direct your towards your next steps. My priority at all times is what is in your best interest.

What kind of person is a good candidate for your program?

The person that's a good candidate has come to the end of the road. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of popping pills. of just dealing with the symptoms and you want to get to the root cause, we can help you. I am a roots doctor. I am a health detective. A big part of health is learning to deal with our stress and learning to acknowledge the things that drain us emotionally mentally physically as well as spiritually. So the right fit person is someone who is going to be willing to make that journey within because really and truly your healing has to come from within. I am just the guide. I'm just a facilitator. You're going to have to do 90 percent of the work.

Do you have forms to fill out before our preliminary meeting?

Yes, I have a Metabolic Assessment form online and once we confirm our appointment I will send you the link to the form.

What happens if I want to work with you after our preliminary meeting?

Once we decide upon a Sankofa program we have a 90 minute long Sankofa discovery session. At this session, we review extensive intake forms that he would have completed prior to that consultation and we also look at any preliminary lab results that you have on hand from prior contact with other health professionals. I take time to deeply review and reflect all the information that you've given to me during the 90 minute session and then we call you in for what is called the Report of Findings and we plan the best program plan - most likely one that includes our three tiered levels starting out with detoxification and cleansing. We then go into a rejuvenation plan and ultimately our goal is to get you into a maintenance plan.

Who are your average clients?

Most of the people who come to me are in their 40s 50s 60s and are mature in terms of how they approach life and what they want to accomplish with their health. We're talking about 40 50 60 plus years of history that led to where they are now. We're going to go back to birth. It's important for me to know if you had a cesarean or vaginal birth. Did your mother breastfeed or were you formula fed. What childhood illnesses and/or adverse emotional events did you have growing up? If those childhood issues were not dealth with and the root causes not resolved, it can be a challenge to experience lasting healing.

Does your office accept insurance?

Unfortunately no. We're about eradicating disease. We're about promoting health and wellness. The money that you're spending is not being a price tag but rather an investment because you are investing in your future in your health. You know this body that was that we all get one. This body this is the only one you're going to get during this lifetime. So it's important that we really turn around our perspective on how we deal with health and view ourselves as being worthy.

You deserve to have the best in health care. Insurance is helpfor for many things, surgery, etc, however if you really want to delve into healing yourself from the inside out both from physically mentally emotionally spiritually then it's going to come with a price tag that unfortunately insurance companies are not willing to pay. At least not yet! However, I am always trying to find a way to make things more affordable. And if you're paying good money for your insurance you might as well get something out of it, such as lab tests.

Do you work together with other insured and primary care doctors?

Yes, I recommend everyone have a primary care physician, preferably in their health insurance plan. Hopefully your primary care physician will be part of our health care team

Sankofa cannot diagnose treat any type of disease. We deal with the root causes of imbalances, to give you nutritional support,stress management support and educational support. But we do not replace the role of primary care physician. As you feel better you're going to have to check back in with your primary care physician and say see if you still require the same dose of your medications, but that answer has to come from your medical physician and not me.

I suggest that you go to your primary care provider and ask them if will run labs, hormonal panel, stool sample, urine test etc. If we can get the primary care providers sign off for the insurance companies to cover it that's fine with me. Unfortunately sometimes. they're not able to do so or sometimes your co-pay kicks in and you have to pay a $5000 deductible. So you end up having to pay for the test anyway. But we really try to avoid you having to come out of pocket for things like that. And I partner with some labs and can get you tests and supplements at discounted prices.

What is Sankofa's Natural Health C. A. R. E. Program and what's the initial investment?

The natural health care program CARE stands for Customized Accessible Resources and Education. We customize the program for each person and I look forward to communicating with you through texts and email updates as you track your program daily in our MBody 360 app which I review. Every couple of months we reassess certain markers to see how things have shifted, and then we tweak the program if necessary.

You're not going to have to wait in my waiting room for an hour to see me for five minutes. I have virtual online office hours every week. I have office hours in the morning hours and in the afternoon. You can be at work and you can log in and say hey Dr. Gamble, I've got this issue. So I'm very much accessible. We look at resources like connect you to various resources in your community on the internet, and I recommend books and anything that I can think of to assist you. And last but not least education. I've been an educator for over 25 years. Now instead of teaching math and English so I'm teaching health and wellness. Well it all boils down to the same thing empowerment through education. And that's our natural health care program.

The investment will vary depending on what kind of program is best suited to you and how extensive you want your support system. You know participate in our online program for a minimum investment. The seasonal cleansing program itcan be as low as $195, but if you have been dealing with chronic and complex issues for years it is going to take time, it's going to take constant coaching, and constant education and communication and constantly looking at labs and things of that nature.

We have a three month program we have a six month program and we now have a one year program. So depending on how intense you build your support network to be it can range as I said anywhere from $195 to $4000.

We also can arrange payment plans, and take cash, check, paypal, credit cards, etc.

Can I have more details about the Natural Health C. A. R. E. Program? There are many different layers. We have know the 21 day cleansing program. The various apps provide you with menu plans, shopping lists, recipes and things of that nature. There is unlimited access to virtual office hours. There's also a variety of different series of private one on one consultations. There is our heart math coaching sessions in terms of helping you with stress management and increasing your resilience and your parents. There's just so many different layers of the program. Please explore our website to learn more about all the benefits of our C.A.R.E. programs, our Jumpstart Programs, and our Retreats.

Doesn't it cost more to eat a healthy diet than fast or prepared food?

It's a misconception that many people have that it cost more to eat healthy when in reality it actually costs less to eat healthy. Think about how much you spend on processed packaged food as compared to how much you would spend on real whole foods. For instance if I were to buy some potatoes I would spend a lot less than if I went to Mickey D's and bought french fries. But people don't think about it now where the cost comes in is that you know now I have to take the time to prepare to potatoes. With Mickey D's it's convenient. So you are paying a lot of money for convenience. Junk. And it cost a lot less when you really decide to revamp your kitchen and to turn it into a whole foods Medicine Cabinet. "Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine Be Thy Food". ~ Hippocrates

I'd love to work with you, but I live a thousand miles away from you. Can you still work with me, and if so, how?

That's the beauty of this age of technology. We have clients all over the United States. We're able to assist you in ordering labs all over the United States We also have retreat opportunities where you get to interact with us on a more personal level. So there's that option there's also there's always the phone. We do a lot through HIPPA compliant text messaging which comes through a process to make sure that your information is safe. So there are just a variety of ways for us to communicate and to interact in order for me support you

What happens in the second and third consultations?

The second, third, fourth consultations are progress consultations and so we take whatever has happened since the previous consultation up until that consultation and we reflect and we review, we make adjustments as needed. We make a plan for the next couple of weeks. It's always tweaking. But you know yourself better than anyone else, and so I empower you to go within to learn what your body's telling you, to believe what your heart's telling you. Your inner listening and intelligence will provide you with insight on your journey. I value your insights and will integrate new information, new technologies, new testing, new experiences, into your plan in order to create a revised plan for the subsequent weeks.

Do you have any free resources or programs so I can get a taste of your work?

Yes, we have a FREE 21 Day Challenge, and you can also register for our Sankofa Health Empowerment Newsletter, follow us on Facebook, come to a local community event, or have me come and speak anywhere in the country. Please call me for an initial consultation so I can guide you on your wellness journey in body, mind, heart, and soul.

What is the difference between a Mentor and a Coach?

Download our .pdf to learn the difference between a Mentor and a Coach/

What is Natural Health C.A.R.E. and what does C.A.R.E stand for?

Natural - we focus on supporting the natural divine healing powers of a person's being using natural therapies that nourish and are in harmony with nature.
Health - we focus on creating wholeness - we focus on the whole person. We promote health and not on the disease process.
C.A.R.E. is an acronym for:

  1. Customized - We honor the uniqueness of each person - and tailor programs to specific biochemical needs/ personal circumstances of each person and this includes timing, finances, family, etc.
  2. Accessible - We make our programs and Dr. Gamble available in person online, on phone, on Zoom video, and on text and email both live and recorded - based on your convenience.
  3. Resources - We offer discounts with National Lab Network, Online Dispensary, Affiliate Practitioners, Online Resource Center with .pdf files, ebooks, free 21 day challenge, Videos.
  4. Education - Online Webinars, Live Events, Online Learning Center/Courses
We take the time and the care to help you by conducting comprehensive assessments, developing customized programs, and delivering personal care to address unique needs with resources, education, and support to ensure success.

What is the Sankofa Mission?

Our mission at Sankofa is to empower all people to defy the statistics through disease prevention and health promotion: to attain and maintain mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

What is The Tragedy of American "Healthcare" System?

​133 million Americans – 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease.

Chronic diseases are responsible for seven out of every 10 deaths in the U.S., killing more than 1.7 million Americans every year.

What are the kinds of things that being people to Sankofa?

Sankofa clients often have been suffering for a long time from chronic forms of dis-ease such as pain, inflammation, bloating, indigestion, fatigue, migraines, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, elevated blood pressure and/or blood glucose challenges. We are here to help them reclaim their health.

What is an Integrative Wellness Expert?

In keeping with the traditional, "ole' fashioned" Health CARE model, Dr. Michelle Gamble, our Board Certified Doctor of Alternative Medicine, is "In" (readily accessible) and will work with you through group coaching sessions, private phone/office consultations, video conferencing, or email. Learn more about Dr. Michelle by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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