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Do you have a passion for ministering to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of others in your family, and community?

Are you looking for a way to use natural therapies and remedies to help those suffering from chronic ailments and diseases?

Sankofa's Minister of Natural Health Certification Program can help you to empower yourself to become a holistic healer for yourself and others.  This intensive program focuses on assisting students in taking the journey toward their own holistic healing and thus be enabled to assist others.  Based on the philosophy that you can not teach what you do not know, all grades and final certification are dependent upon the student ability to encorporate major principles of health and wellness into his/her own life.


The program begins with the 10 week Holistic Wellness Class Series which will give the student a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts of the disease creation and the healing process. 


During the 12 month period the student will be required to engage in hands on practicum on site at Sankofa for four one week training periods and a four week supervised application period. 


The first practicum period will focus on cleansing and detoxification.  At that time, he/she will also choose an area of concentration for the final project that must be submitted for review at the end of the program.   


The second practicum will focus on "Eating To Live". 


The third practicum focuses on assisting the student on a meditational journey that will be a rites of passage into the world of a holistic healer. 


The fourth practicum will reintegrate all aspects of the program in a summary fashion.  The student will present his/her final project at this time in written form and in a multimedia presentation for the community. 


During the final four week application process, the student will assist others in their healing journey under the close supervision of the managing directors of Sankofa.

On October 1, 2010, Sankofa implemented the residential internship component for the Minister of Holistic Health Certification program. Previously, students completed the program via distance learning and merely came to Sankofa periodically throughout this year long program to complete a series of four personal weekend retreats. Holistic Health however is a lifestyle not merely a fad or something to be studied in a book. The new residential internship component allows the student to truly become a holistic health care provider by living that reality in an immersion type program. (S)He will become an essential part of the day to day management of Sankofa. Students will be required to complete a 2 month or longer residency in order to obtain final certification. 

During the residential internship practicums, students will be supplied with program materials, room and board, as well as the opportunity to learn under the direct mentorship of the directors of Sankofa.   The interns will provide assistance with maintenance of the business and the facility during their on site apprenticeship. Their responsibilities will include:

· Successful complete distance learning courses ( Eat to Live, Heal Thyself) and portfolio with personal assessment analysis and comprehensive holistic wellness program

· Prepare meals based upon program guidelines delineated by Dr. Gamble.

· Perform receptionist duties such as answering the phone, making appointments, and maintaining appropriate public relations with prospective clients

· Pursue continuing education in natural health field

· Submit weekly reports to Dr. Gamble with research data on topics of interest

· Participate in weekly coaching sessions to develop a personal spiritual philosophy and life pathway

· Analyze preliminary assessments submitted by prospective clients and conduct initial consultations after debriefing Dr. Gamble of conclusions

· Maintain a sanitary environment in the business areas of the Sankofa Castle and the sanctuary grounds as needed

To successfully complete the program the student will implement a holistic wellness program for a minimum of a year which must include complete a series of holistic cleanses for the colon, liver and kidney (Students may choose to participate in a Sankofa Cleansing Retreat for a discounted fee.) a rejuvenation phase and a maintenance phase.  Twelve case studies applying the principles of Sankofa's 3-Step Program must be submitted - one per month.  Other program requirements include: a specialization in one of the following course of studies: Children's Health-ADD/ADHD, Natural Family Planning, or Healthy You, Healthy Baby.  The student will also receive membership in the Tree of Life Health Assurance program for one year and will have access to Sankofa's Health Professional's Study Library when on site.

Once all case studies and personal journals have been submitted and reviewed, the student will be confered with the "Certification of Minister of Holistic Healing" and may participate in Sankofa's Graduation Ceremony.  The total cost of the one year program is $2500.00 - This fee does not include the cost of text books, equipment, testing fees, supplements and other health products, and additional therapy sessions beyond practicums.  (Payment Plans are Available)

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