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Natural Therapies

From time to time, the body, mind and spirit need assistance in clearing the way of toxins to enable the divine healing spirit to flow freely through our being and thus assist us along the path to wellness. The various healing sessions may include the use of aromatherapy, heat therapy, sound and chromatherapy depending on the needs and wishes of the individual. Feel free to click on the links below to obtain more details on each of the types of healing sessions that we offer.

**Therapy Sessions are only available to persons participating in an on site retreat or day getaway package.

At Sankofa Healing and Enrichment, our Colon Hydrotherapist is certified at the advanced level by the International Association of Colon Therapists, and we offer the most current advances in lower bowel evacuation (colon hydrotherapy) in Southern USA. Our device is state of the art and FDA registered. All water used in the colon irrigation system is sterilized using ultraviolet light and advanced filtration. Our speculums are sterile and disposable, and our room is clean and relaxing.  During your session, you also have the option of including aromatherapy and sound therapy at no additional charge.  We want you to be comfortable with hydrotherapy session; so rest assured that your modesty and integrity will never be compromised.

By choosing Sankofa, you have the comfort of knowing that our well-trained staff will be available to coach you through the colon hydrotherapy procedure.  Our Board Certified Doctor of Naturology will be there to answer any questions and will help to make your experience positive. Whatever your health goals, we will assist you in obtaining your objectives. We offer information on colon hydrotherapy, nutrition, proper food combinations, and beneficial supplements. It is our goal to educate you so that you may strive to obtain your health goals.


A normal colon hydrotherapy session lasts about one hour.  Initially, new clients are required to have a personal consultation and two hydrotherapy sessions in a row (i.e. one on Monday and the second on Tuesday). By doing the first two sessions in succession, the client will be able to hydrate the impacted fecal matter and potentially have more productive releases. Each client is an individual with unique needs.  There is no mandatory number of colon hydrotherapy sessions.  We will be happy to help you set up a customized program to meet your needs.

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