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Online Dispensary for Professional Grade Supplements. 

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Safe, effective, affordable essential oils

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Whole Food Based Supplements

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Keto Mojo

GK+ Meter to check blood glucose and ketones

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Biofeedback Devices, Books, Software for all ages to facilitate Stress Transformation

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Courtney Epps

Courtney is a tax strategist, international speaker, and author of the Best Selling books More Relaxing Less Taxing & What’s Your Plan B?

She owns a full-service accounting firm in South Carolina and serves clients in every state. She has owned her practice for nineteen years. What sets her firm apart is the tax strategy that it offers to clients as the focus is not just to prepare returns but to free up money legally, morally and ethically.


She has developed a broad expertise in industries including traditional, home-based, and network-marketing businesses. She works with clients from start up to $100 million companies.


Chef Sherimane Johnson

Sherimane Johnson’s vegan journey began when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 14 years ago. She witnessed her grandmother’s fight with the disease that is 60% more likely to be diagnosed in African Americans and twice as likely to kill them.


When Sherimane was diagnosed with the same disease, she knew the outlook was not favorable. She discovered veganism and began to remove meat, dairy and processed foods from her family diet.  Her health began to improve and eventually she was able to stop taking medicine.  She has lived a medicine free life for almost a decade.