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Patricia Marseille

Patricia's feminine energy restoration journey began two months after the COVID-19 quarantines began. She realized that as a driven female professional most of her drive was fueled by masculine energy. The energy to challenge, accomplish, give and get things done. She found it difficult to receive from others without having to earn it first. Quarantine caused her to realize that she used temporary fixes to help balance her feminine and masculine energies. Pre-quarantine, she would use girl's night or ladies' luncheons as a form of gaining balance. But the true balance has to come from within.

So, Patricia drew from her previous experiences in backpacking around the world for a year. A collection of insights and rituals on the restorative practices for feminine energy abundance and healing. She used this collection to create the first retreat. One that was meant solely for her. But when others heard of this immersion day, they wanted to also take part. This was the birthing of the retreat. After two retreats, attendees have inspired her to create this series subscription for a deeper dive into the different aspects of feminine energy restoration.


Chef Sherimane Johnson

Sherimane Johnson’s vegan journey began when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 14 years ago. She witnessed her grandmother’s fight with the disease that is 60% more likely to be diagnosed in African Americans and twice as likely to kill them.


When Sherimane was diagnosed with the same disease, she knew the outlook was not favorable. She discovered veganism and began to remove meat, dairy and processed foods from her family diet.  Her health began to improve and eventually she was able to stop taking medicine.  She has lived a medicine free life for almost a decade.


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