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Dr. Gamble does not practice conventional medicine. More specifically, she does not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury; and Dr. Gamble does not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.


Sankofa means "Go Back and Fetch it".  
We must look back to the past in order to understand how and why we have become who we are in the present.  Thus, we are able to create and move into a better future.

Our History

Sankofa was born in December of 2001 along with the home birth of our fourth child. Throughout our daughter's gestation, I (Michelle) became more and more committed to the mission of teaching others about the beauty and awesome power of God's functionality through Nature as a source of healing and enrichment. When my daughter was born, I knew almost instantaneously that the time had come to accept my calling into the ministry of health. In January of 2002, I began our journey along that path less traveled. Sankofa Learning Center, Inc. was formed as a non profit entity to educate the community. Through the years Sankofa has become a family ministry and our scope has broadened to include the formation of Sankofa Healing and Enrichment, Inc. a Natural Health and Wellness Center.  As time has passed, our commitment to our mission and guiding principles has become stronger and deeper than in the beginning.

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of Integrative Holistic Natural Health C.A.R.E.

(Customized and Accessible Resources and Education) to people throughout the world.

Our Mission

We educate and support persons physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually  to be empowered on their journey toward holistic healing and enrichment from all forms of dis-ease.​

Our Guiding Principles

We believe that the opportunity to assist you along your journey is a privilege and a blessing which will inevitably enrich our own lives. We strive at all times to uphold and live by the following principles:

  • All can benefit from some form of healing and enrichment
    no matter how elevated or depressed our lives may seem.

  • We are all but mere vessels for the one true source of enrichment and healing, the Divine Healer – God.

  • We must love others as we love ourselves because we are stewards of God and “All is One.”

  • Everyone is an individual with a unique history and set of needs
    which can not be adequately addressed without the use of personalized care.

  • Healing and enrichment are based upon faith, love, and action;
    they can only take place through the concerted and persistent efforts of those who seek fulfillment.

Sankofa's Integrative Natural Health C.A.R.E.

Customized Accessible Resources & Education


Our focus is root cause resolution.  

We know you are tired of the bag of pills - drugs and supplements.  

The time has come to truly heal from the inside out.  

Learn how YOU can "Heal Thyself"
in our FREE Creating a Healthier You Video Series.

Our Integrative Wellness Specialist

Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN

Did you know that the word “doctor” originates from the word “teacher”?

Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN is a Board Certified, non medical Doctor of Natural Holistic Health. She teaches various classes in health and wellness and assists people in their pursuit of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.   One of her many passions is delivering presentations nationwide with the purpose of transforming lives by empowering people with a deeper understanding of the tools needed to create holistic health.   Her dynamic, engaging, and often humorous style has been known to captivate audiences of all ages.  

Dr. Gamble has been an educator for over 25 years and has traveled extensively throughout the world, living, teaching and studying in several countries such as Belize, Japan, Nigeria, Jamaica, and North America. Since the age of 16, she has been a student and practitioner of Alternative Health Therapies, Nutrition, and, Natural Family Planning.


Dr. Gamble has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and English Secondary School Education and a Masters and Doctorate in Naturology. She is also certified in Colon Hydrotherapy and is a childbirth educator and practicing Doula. When not assisting people in their quest for health, Dr. Gamble is busy fulfilling her other responsibilities of being a teacher and mother of five children. 

Dr. Gamble is also the founder and managing director of Sankofa Healing and Enrichment, Inc.,
which is dedicated to helping people attain and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health,
and It Takes a Village Ministry, Inc. a 501 (c)3 non profit organization.  

Dr. Gamble is available for speaking engagements and workshop presentations.