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What is Support?

Support is unconditional

It is listening...

Not judging, not telling your own story.

Support is not offering advice..

It is offering  a handkerchief, a touch, a hug...caring

We are here to help women discover what they are feeling...

Not to make the feelings go away.

We are here to help women identify her options...

Not to tell her which options to choose.

We are here to discuss steps with a woman...

Not to take the steps for her..

We are here to help a woman discover her own strength...

Not to rescue her and leave her still vulnerable.

We are here to help a woman discover that she can help (heal) herself...

Not to take that responsibiility for her.

We are here to help a woman learn to choose...

Not to make it unnecessary for her to make difficult decisions.

-- Annonymous

Support for women


Solidarity of


Sisters for the

Survival and

Upliftment of


In the beginning, God created a Woman to complement Man. Her name was Aisha (also known as Eve).


The women of SASSUA collectively strive to embody the meaning of her name, “one who has the will and the power of conceive and express personal desires, thoughts, and plans.


Most importantly, Aisha sisters recognize that “All is One”; therefore create a support network to be able to uplift themselves and others in a holistic manner.


SASSUA focuses on women’s health issues, holistic personal and family wellness, natural family planning, childrearing and education, and more.


Meetings include a heart centered meditation, short educational presentation, food preparation demos, networking and more...



Health Empowermen

Sister - Meritsa - EnAungkh Herut Ptah
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Healthy caring does not result in emotional overwhelm if one interacts with an open heart field.  Heart-Based Caring is the best was to support yourself and others in challenging conditions.  

One of the goals of this women's health empowerment support group is to experience a perception shift so that previous stressors will not be perceived as stress.  

Come and learn when you experience heart felt feelings, it provides an efficient state for the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal, and immune systems.  

Our monthly presentations are proven effective educational workshops and a professional training programs designed to facilitate profound positive change by connecting to the heart, clarifying the mind, nourishing the body, and uplifting the spirit. 

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