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What SEASON are you in?


Experiencing Signs of the Time?

Time for a Change?

Preparing for a Significant Life Change - Job, Marriage, Children

Are You Suffering from:

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Chronic Stress


Poor Digestion

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Emotional Imbalance/Mood swings

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Chronic Allergies

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Weakened Immunity


PMS and/or Hormonal Imbalance

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Fatigue, Lowered Energy

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Skin Problems (Rashes, Eczema, Acne)


Want to Get Rid of the Old, Sick Sluggishness, and Feel the Rebirth of the Energetic Youthful You?

Time for a Holistic Transformation!








The Holistic Cleansing Retreats are 5 days or more at Sankofa's Wellness Center(Individuals) or a designated retreat facility(Groups).  Retreats are a part of Sankofa's 21 Day Cleanse.  Prior to arriving at the retreat facility, participants will be sent a welcome package with instructions on how best to prepare for the cleansing program which will incorporate the cleansing of the spiritual emotional aspects of the person as well as the physical. Unfortunately, in our current society, we tend to underestimate the importance of the mind and soul. We fail to realize that often times the degenerative condition of our thoughts and emotions are major contribution factors to our state of dis-ease. Our thoughts prevent us from doing what we know to be right. Anger, fear, jealousy, depression and other emotions bind us to negative situations, habits and people.

In order to design a program that addresses a person's individual chemistry, all participants will complete a Preliminary Consultation session and Comprehensive Biological Assessments prior to commencing the retreat. During this deep cleansing process, we must make certain to support the elemental needs of the body in order to enable the optimal performance of basic functions and facilitate the expulsion of toxins which will inevitably be stirred up. Therefore, the Cleansing Program also incorporates the use of the various herbs, vitamins and mineral supplements, and cleansing agents depending on the season and the specific needs of each individual.  


21 Day Overview 

Week 1 - Renewal of the Mind and The Spirit (OffSite)
Engage in daily interactive sessions to examine our current thought patters and how they may be blocking our innate ability to heal. With affirmations based upon the "Fruits of the Spirit" gain a deeper understanding of how to create positive outcomes in your life.


Week 2 - Rejuvenate the Heart and Soul (OffSite)
Through daily meditations integrating aromatherapy, color therapy, mantras and detailed instruction in breathing techniques you will learn how to release yourself from emotional anchors that impede the healing process.


Week 3 - Cleansing and Detoxifying the Body Temple (OnSite)
Effectively and efficiently clear away toxins from the major organs and systems of the body and feel great while doing so.


Learn about the How? Who? What? Where? When and Why of Seasonal Cleansing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Seasonal Cleanse Retreat Includes

  • 1 Preliminary Health Transformation Session

  • 25min Transition Strategy Session

  • 25min Goal Setting Session

  • 30 Days of personal assistance with Dr. Michelle via text

  • 30 Day access to Interactive App with recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, accountability tracking, and much more 

  • Customizable Personal Workbook

  • Wk 1 - Off Site - Daily Recorded Informational Sessions

  • Wk 2 - Off Site - Daily Recorded Meditation Sessions

  • Wk 3 - On Site - Personal Assistance from Dr. Gamble

  • Biological Assessments (as needed) Daily

  • Immediate Program Modifications based on Assessments and Needs

  • Daily Sunrise Yoga Sessions

  • Evening Meditations

  • Relaxed Intimate Environment

  • Organic fruits and Vegetables

  • Comprehensive, Integrated Natural Approach

  • Experienced Health and Wellness Professional 

  • Practical, Easy to Apply, Relevant Information

  • Personal Cleansing Kit:Intestinal #1 and#2, Superfood Plus

  • Optional Continued Support and Resources 

  • 4 -25 min Private Coaching Sessions

  • 2 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions with tutorial

  • 3 Infrared Sauna Session

Optional Upgrade - additional fee

Personal CASE REVIEW with Dr. Gamble

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